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Static Guards
This services consists of fully trained and equiped uniformed security officers being assigned on a permanent basis to provide security cover at a facility.The level of cover ranges depending on the clients needs the most common cover is 24x7 shorter periods of cover can be arranged to cover periods outside normal hours i.e nights, weekends, and holidays.

The static security can be used for a wide range of duties: access control,loss prevention, contractor and visitor control, monitoring fire and intruder alarm systems, fire protection and prevention, first aid, health and safety, staff and vechicle searches, C.C.T.V monitoring, weighbridge operations and emergancy situations and crime prevention.

There can be added value when the static security officer provides cover for reception and can be used to carry monitor continious processes or equipment. The static security officer can play a vital role in an organistions contingancy plan especially for incidents arising outside normal business hours.

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